Mirico’s NH3 sensor

Meeting the challenge
of open path NH3 monitoring
in adverse conditions

Mirico’s NH3 sensor

Mirico’s NH3 sensor

Ammonia (NH3), a significant contributor to poor air quality, can be challenging to monitor continuously in open environments such as agricultural sites. Recent studies have also highlighted the role ammonia plays in the generation of particulate contamination (especially PM2.5) in urban atmospheres.

Mirico’s NH3 is an open path monitoring system ideally suited to measuring concentrations of ammonia in real time, providing valuable intelligence on dynamic agricultural and urban environments.

In adverse weather conditions that would significantly affect the accuracy and reliability of other monitoring systems, this delivers more reliable and highly sensitive measurements to provide greater confidence in the results.


  • Instrument
  • Measurement Technique: Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy
  • Communications: Web-based user interface (WiFi)
  • Measurement range: 50-200m
  • Single Scanning Head
  • Horizontal Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Vertical Rotation: -10 to +10 degree

Key benefits

  • Unique open path gas sensing technology
  • High precision, uninterrupted measurements in all weather conditions
  • Increased confidence in results vs conventional methods
  • Large area coverage with robust co-located instruments
  • Autonomous alignment for increased data reliability
  • System checking and minimal maintenance

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