Detect, localise and quantify
to baseline emissions



Mirico Cloud enables real-time visualisation of data collected from Mirico’s  revolutionary, open path gas sensing instruments, allowing you to detect, localise and quantify gas emissions across multiple sites.

This information can be viewed in real-time and compared with historical data to view changes over time.

Through the easy to use, customisable dashboard you can view the information most important to you. For example, you can track how total emissions are changing over time, or see how emissions vary by asset type.

The data can be viewed at any time, from anywhere in the world, by senior managers monitoring environmental impact or by local asset operators taking remedial actions.

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Key benefits

  • Visualise emission detection, localisation and quantification
  • View emissions data at any time, from anywhere in the world
  • Save time with autonomous data analysis
  • View historical data to track progress and report to legislators
  • Receive customisable alerts when emission limits are exceeded

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