Biomethane Emissions Monitoring


Detect, localise and quantify emissions to maximise
the amount of methane for use in renewable energy,
whilst minimising environmental impact.
Biomethane Emissions Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of landfill sites and anaerobic digestors

MIRICO’s technology provides real-time, autonomous monitoring of both CH4 and CO2 emissions and enables the collection and interpretation of highly precise emissions data in almost all weather conditions.

For landfill sites: the technology can provide the total site emission rate to optimise operational performance, to monitor compliance with environmental permits and provide information to regulators.

For anaerobic digestors: the system can baseline emissions, providing the detailed information required to maximise production, minimise environmental impact and cost effectively meet net zero targets.

All data collected is available, in real-time, in MIRICO CLOUD, allowing you to visualise detection, location and quantification from multiple sites, at any time, all in one place.

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Key benefits

Compared with conventional methods of monitoring emissions, MIRICO’s technology offers:

  • Accurate, precise and reliable measurements
  • Consistent performance in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, dust)
  • Wide range of area coverage with simple, robust equipment
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Real time data for immediate analysis

With MIRICO you can detect, localise and quantify emissions to get insights on both total site emission rates and potential leaks from infrastructure.

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