Mirico’s combined CO2 & CH4 sensor

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Mirico’s combined CO2 & CH4 sensor

Mirico’s combined CO2+CH4 sensor

Increasingly, monitoring the variable levels of carbon dioxide and methane in relation to each other is of great interest in many research projects.  For those researching carbon capture and storage (CCS), a key challenge lies in monitoring the effectiveness of the storage solution. The main indicator of robustness is the flux of carbon dioxide (and its tracer, methane) from the ground. For scientists, monitoring changing levels of the two gases simultaneously can provide a deeper understanding of a dynamic environment.

Mirico’s CO2+CH4 sensor is an open path monitoring system ideally suited to measuring concentrations of both carbon dioxide and methane simultaneously in real time.

In adverse weather conditions that would significantly affect the accuracy and reliability of other monitoring systems, this delivers more reliable and highly sensitive measurements to provide greater confidence in the results.


  • Instrument
  • Detection limit: Equivalent to 5ppm CO2 (500ppm.m/Hz) and 50ppb CH4 over 100m in 1s (5ppm.m/Hz)
  • Communications: Web-based user interface (WiFi)
  • Measurement range: 50-400 m, subject to application
  • Single Scanning Head
  • Horizontal Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Vertical Rotation: -10 to +10 degree

Key benefits

  • Unique open path dual gas sensing technology
  • High precision, uninterrupted measurements in all weather conditions
  • Increased confidence in results vs conventional methods
  • Large area coverage with robust co-located instruments
  • Autonomous alignment for increased data reliability
  • System checking and minimal maintenance

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