MIRICO wins GRDF prize

November 17, 2020

AD Plant 1 with Biomethane Emission Digestors

MIRICO wins GRDF prize

MIRICO is proud to announce that it has been awarded 3rd prize in the GRDF ‘Green Future Enterprise Competition 2020. GRDF’s innovation summit, looked at the very best green energy start-up companies focused on greener production of biomethane. MIRICO CEO Dr Linda Bell was thrilled with the award saying; “I am delighted that MIRICO’s transformational gas measurement technology has been selected for third prize in the recent GRDF competition. We look forward to following up with GRDF to progress deployment project opportunities in France in the near future.”


Biomethane is a 100% renewable fuel generated from waste from food and agriculture activities which can be easily integrated into the existing natural gas distribution network. GRDF are working hard to make biomethane more competitive as a fuel on the energy transition to net zero. Understanding and reducing emissions from biomethane facilities is critical to achieving this goal. MIRICO’s technology provides real-time monitoring of methane emissions enabling the collection and interpretation of data in almost all weather conditions. This new level of intelligence helps biomethane producers to act to minimise their product losses and reduce the environmental impact from their operations.


By working with MIRICO’s experts you can design the optimal solution for your particular needs from boundary to full site monitoring. If you would like to know more about our leading-edge innovative technology, and the benefits it can bring a to a wide range of applications, please get in touch with a MIRICO specialist.


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