MIRICO CLOUD launches real-time visual emissions monitoring

May 12, 2021

MIRICO CLOUD launches real-time visual emissions monitoring

MIRICO CLOUD - Quantification

MIRICO are excited to unveil MIRICO CLOUD, a platform that enables real-time visualisation of data collected from MIRICO’s revolutionary, open path gas sensing instruments.

MIRICO CLOUD utilises the data collected from these instruments and lets customers detect, locate and quantify gas emissions across multiple sites, in one place. This allows for significant resource saving benefits over manually interpreting data, not only improving accuracy of insights but also saving considerable time. By enabling customers to act quickly to changes in emissions, they can reduce or even stop downtime and reduce the risk of fines from environmental authorities.

The platform allows customers to see the layout of each of their sites, and overlay this with information such as path averages, location of detected emissions and quantification of any leaks. This information can all be viewed in real-time with simple functionality to see historical data and view changes over time.

MIRICO CLOUD also offers customers the facility to receive notifications either via SMS or email based on customised parameters. For example, to be alerted of a new emission cloud that is above a certain size, or an existing emission that has begun to grow.

With every asset being different, both in terms of its own characteristics and the environment it is working in, MIRICO CLOUD allows for multiple algorithms to be utilised across the platform at the same time. This algorithm selection can be customised and will be regularly added to and updated.

The autonomous nature of MIRICO CLOUD means data is analysed 24/7/365, with the MIRICO CLOUD available to access at any time across any internet connected device, allowing for customers to monitor their sites whenever and wherever necessary.

MIRICO CLOUD brings exciting benefits to the Oil and Gas industry specifically but can also be applied across other industries.

MIRICO CLOUD is currently available for demonstration purposes to both customers and current non-customers. If you would like to see how MIRICO CLOUD could benefit you, click here to arrange a free demo.

You can find out more about MIRICO CLOUD here.