Pandemic Progress: Mirico Embarks on Long-Term Trial

August 12, 2020

MIRICO ORION side profile

Pandemic Progress:
Mirico Embarks on Long-Term Trial

As 2020 continues being one of the most unprecedented times in recent history, Mirico remains adaptive and innovative. Just before the UK government placed a lockdown throughout the nation, we managed to proceed with an ongoing long-term trial in our very own CEO’s back garden, measuring concentrations of methane in the atmosphere. This has been Mirico’s first long-term continuous challenge in an external environment tackling very real and varied weather conditions. Overcoming some difficult situations, and a crash course in engineering for the CEO’s family, the whole team have been successful in gaining some very interesting data and insights, which we look forward to sharing with you very soon!

Whilst working remotely under the government guidelines Mirico was able to continue our technology evolution through monitoring the instrument, as well as looking onward to the future with the beginning of new developments. Our technical team have been working around the clock during lockdown with the ability to tap into our instrument’s software from the comfort of home and to collaborate over trusty Teams. We’ve never stopped focusing on achieving transformational gas measurement.

Over on the commercial side of the organisation, Mirico has been keeping in touch throughout lockdown with all our customers providing familiarity and updates on how the company is coping and on all the excellent work everyone has been putting in. As we now move onwards and upwards by returning to a fully functioning workforce (with added facemasks) and to an as normal as possible office environment, at Mirico we are doing our very best to make up for lost time during this pandemic. With lots to look forward to on the horizon, we plan to carry out many more trials and make the remainder of 2020 both positive and progressive. 

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