Mirico and Surveyar MRV Greenhouse Gas Measurements

April 13, 2023

Mirico and Surveyar pioneering Greenhouse Gas Measurements for Measurement Verification and Reporting (MRV)

Mirico and Surveyar are pioneering a state-of-the-art new technique for Greenhouse Gas inventory measurements.

This technology elevates environmental surveying to a whole new level. The aim is to greatly improve efficiency and accuracy to measurements for Measurement Verification and Reporting (MRV).

This was made possible thanks to a grant from Innovate UK, support from Mount Bay Labs, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Universities of Manchester and Nottingham.

We recently completed successful field trials of our brand new technology.

If you are interested in carrying out a trial or purchasing one of our instruments, please get in touch.

Tel: 01235 612400

Email: sales@mirico.co.uk